Dictionary Book Safe Hidden Secret Box Key Lock Security with 2 Keys +US1



Package included:
1X Dictionary Security Safes Box
2X Key

1.This is a safe box with lock and key enveloped in faux.
2.You can store your valuables at your fingertips and right in plain sight.
3.This book safe blends in great with other books on the shelf so nobody will ever know it’s a safe.
4.Great for storing cash, jewelry, guns, medications and any other valuables.
5.Fool thieves and protect your valuables with this  Dictionary safe!
6.Comes with 2 keys for access.
7.It also a great decoration for study, living room, bedroom, coffee house and other rooms.

1.Material: stainless steel + plastic + textured paper
2.Size: 11.5*8*4cm / 4.5x3.1x1.6inch