52PCS Cake Turntable Decorating Baking Tool Kit Pastry Piping Icing Bag Nozzle




Cakes play an enormously significant role in our life. They will take place on many important occasions, such as the wedding day, birthday party, anniversary, and conventional festival. Apart from these memorable days, in our daily life, we would like to have some cakes for dessert. Therefore, an increasing number of people will bake cakes at home instead of purchasing in cake shops. This set of cake decoration tools will be good news to the cake-making enthusiasts and help them adorn the plain cake beautiful. It is wonderful to provide your family with delicious and gorgeous cakes. Why not take one home and try out?

Package Contents:
36 x Tip
1 x Cake Turntable
2 x Nail
1 x Brush
2 x Pair of Connectors
1 x Cake Pen
3 x Plastic Plate
1 x Plastic Scissors
2 x Pastry Bag
2 x Stainless Steel Cake Shovel
1 x Silicone Spatula

- Abundant accessories The 52-piece set consists of nearly all what you need to decorate a cake, such as a cake turntable, 2 pastry bags, 36 nozzles, 3 plastic plates, 2 stainless cake shovels and so on.
- Cake turntable The plastic cake turntable is lightweight and can stand securely and rotate smoothly.
- Painting pen Inject scream or chocolate into the pen and then use the pen to write what you want.
- 36 nozzles There are various nozzles that can serve to make the butter cream in the round, flower, leaf, star and many other shapes.
- Reusable Instead of disposable tools, the 52-piece set is mainly made of durable material and can be easily used again and again.