12V 30A Racing Car Ignition Switch Panel Engine Start LED Toggle Push Buttons




Material: Aluminum Alloy and Plastic
Current & voltage: 30A & 12V
Color: Silver + Blue
Size: 195 x 67mm / 7.68 x 2.64inch

Universal for 12V Power Speediness & Racing Cars.
LED toggle switch.
For Racing use only.
Convenient and safe.
Perfectly for car modification.
Red engine start button with 3 toggle switch for additional use.
Built in indicate light in ON/OFF switch and start button.
Come with the Relay to control the buttons of this item.
Pre-drilled mounting holes design is convenient for installing.
The starting switch is the ignition switch of the engine. It can reduce ignition delay and reduce acceleration delay.
Three toggle switch built-in lights, switch can control three additional load, each switch can control 20Amp circuit, and the switch itself without use made of phenolic resin flammability, ultra high safety factor.

Package Included:
1 x Car Switch
1 x Relay
1 x Start Key
1 x Cover
3 x Wire
4 x Screws
No installation included, professional installation recommended